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The new cold war is heating up.

Eight innocent children die and the Russian-backed terrorist group Daybreak claims responsibility.

Daybreak’s duplicitous leader, Alexandr “Papa Sasha” Volkov, promises peace. But U.S. intelligence operative Anna Mitchell isn’t fooled. She’s brought down enough tyrants around the globe to know there’s nothing peaceful about Volkov … and she’ll go to any length to stop his reign of terror.

I grew up loving Jack Ryan and my new heroine's name is Anna Mitchell

Ric Beard

I’ve been telling stories since I was a lying-sack-of-shit kid. Now I actually collect a few pennies to do it. Take that, parents!

Stories make the world go around. Whether it’s a seven-book epic fantasy or a 150-word micro-fiction piece, a good story transports you somewhere else. I kinda like taking you there.

The stories I write aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. (And that’s ok. I’m more of a 12-year-old scotch kind of girl anyway.)

So if that’s not you? If you get offended by bad words and want the world to be populated with unicorns, I wish you well. But if you don’t mind slipping down into the dark parts of humanity for a few hours at a time, well, welcome home.

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